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  stygian hence, dark, gloomy

  subdue overcome, bring under control

  submerge put under water, liquid, sink out of sight

  suborn indice by bribery or smth to commit perjury

  subpoena written order requiring a person to appear in a low court

  sullied to be stained or discredited

  superfluous more then is needed or wanted

  supersede take the place of

  supine inactive, lying flat on the back

  susceptibility sensitiveness

  sustain keep from falling; maintain; suffer; give a decision

  synopsis summary or outline

  taciturn saying very little

  talon claw of a bird of prey

  tamp tap or drive down by repeated light blows

  tarnished lost brightness

  taunt contemptuous reproach, hurtful remark

  tedious tiresome

  temperance abstinence from alcohol, self-control, moderation

  tenuous thin, slender

  terse brief and to the point

  thrift care, economy, thriving, prosperous

  timid shy, easily frightened

  tolerable fairly good

  tonic smth giving strength or energy

  topple be unsteady and overturn

  tortuous full of twists and bends

  tout person who worries others to buy smth, to use his service

  touting act as tout

  toy think not seriously, handle absent-mindedly

  tractable easily controlled or guided

  trend tendency, general direction

  trepidation alarm, excited state of mind

  turbulence being uncontrolled, violent

  underbid make a lower bid then smb else

  undermine weaken gradually, at the base, make smth under

  unfeigned not pretended, sincere

  unscathed unharmed, unhurt

  untoward unfortunate, inconvenient

  upbraid scold, reproach

  urbane polite, elegant

  vacillation being uncertain, hesitating

  vain without use, value or result

  valiant brave

  valorous brave

  vapor stim, mist

  veer change direction

  veneration regard with deep respect

  veritable real, rightly named

  verve spirit, vigour, enthusiasm

  vex annoy, distress, trouble

  vigilance watchfulness, self-appointed group who maintain order

  vigilant member of a vigilance committee

  vilify slander, say evil things

  vindictive having a desire to revenge

  waft scent, waving movement; carry lightly through

  wage payment, carry on, engage in (war)

  warmonger person who stirs up war

  warrant authority, written order, guarantee

  wary cautious

  weave make (threads) into cloth

  weigh measure hoe heavy smth is

  whimsical full of odd and fanciful ideas

  wince show bodily or mental pain

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