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  profane wordly, having contempt for God

  profundity depth

  proliferate grow, reproduce by rapid multification

  prolix tiring because too long

  propagation increasing the number, spreading, extending

  prudence careful forethought

  prudish easily shocked, excessively modest

  prune dried plum, silly person

  prune cut away part in order to control growth

  pugnacious fond of, in the habit of

  punch strike with the fist; tool for cutting holes; alc. drink

  pundit pedant, authority on a subject

  pungency sharpness

  pyre large pile of wood for burning

  quack person dishonestly claiming to smth

  qualm feeling of doubt, temporary feeling of sickness in the stomach

  qualms feelings of doubt, sickness in the stomach

  quell suppress, subdue

  quixotic generous, unselfish

  raconter person who tells anecdotes

  rancorous feeling bitterness, spitefulness

  rapacious greedy (esp for money)

  recalcitrant disobedient

  recast cast or fashoin anew

  reciprocity granting of privileges in return for similiar

  recitals a number of, performance of music

  recluse person who lives alone and avoids people

  recuperate become strong after illness, loss, exhaustion

  redeem get back by payment; compensate

  refine make or become pure, cultural

  rejuvenation becoming young in nature or appearence

  relapse fall back again

  relinquish give up

  reluctant unwilling or disinclined

  renovate restore smth to better condition

  rent regular payment for the use of smth, division or split

  repine at be discontented with

  reproach scold, upbraid

  requite repay, give in return

  resilience quality of quickly recovering the proginal shape

  restive refusing to move; reluctant to be controlled

  resurrect bring back into use

  resuscitation coming back to consciousness

  reticent reserved, in the habit of saying little

  revere have deep respect for

  rift split, crack, dissension

  rivet fix, take up, secure; matel pin

  roll call calling of names

  rope thick strong cord made by twisting

  savant person of great learning

  savor taste, flavour smth

  sawdust tiny bits of wood

  scabbard sheath for the blade

  scent smell (esp pleasant)

  scurvy diseased state of the blood caused by eating too much salt

  seal piece of wax, lead, etc stamped on the document

  sedulous persevering

  sequence succession, connected line of

  serration having a toothed edge

  servile like a slave, lacking independence

  shaft arrow or spear, smth long and narrow

  shallow little depth; not earnest

  shard piece of broken earthenware

  sheath cover for the blade of a weapon or a tool

  shove push

  shrill sparp, piercing

  shun keep away from; avoid

  shunt send from one track to another; lay aside; evade discussion

  sidestep step to one side

  skiff small boat

  skit short piece of humorous writing

  slate king of blue-grey stone; propose; critisize

  sluggard lazy, slow-moving person

  sluggish inactive, slow-moving

  soar rise, fly high

  sober self-controlled

  sobriety quality or condition of being sober

  soggy heavy with water

  solvent of the power of forming a solution

  somatic of the body

  soot black powder in smoke

  sophisticated complex, subtle, refined

  sordid wretched, comfortless, contemptible

  spear weapon with a metal point on a long shaft

  specious seeming right or true but not really so

  squalid dirty, mean

  squander spend wastefully

  steeply rising or falling sharply

  stickler person who insists on importance of smth

  stigma mark of shame or disgrace

  sting smth sharp

  stingy spending, using unwillingly

  stipulate state or put forward as a necessary condition

  strands smth twisted together into a rope, line of development

  stray wander, lose one's way

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