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  nonplussed greatly surprised

  noxious harmful

  numb without ability to feel or move

  numbness without ability to move a finger

  obdurate stubborn, impenitent

  obsequious too eager to obey or serve

  officious too eager or ready to help, offer advice

  opprobrious showing scorn or reproach

  ostentation display to obtain admiration or envy

  ostentatious fond of

  ostracism shut out from society, refuse to meet, talk

  ostrich fast-running bird unable to fly

  outset start

  overhaul examine thoroughly to learn about the condition

  overwhelm weigh down, submerge

  palpability can be felt, touched, understood

  palpitate tremble, beat rapidly and irregularly

  parenthesis sentense within another one, smth separated

  parsimonious too economical, miserly

  peccadillo small sin; small weakness in one's character

  penchant taste, liking, inclination

  penury poverty

  peremptory not to be disobeyed or questioned

  perennial lasting for a long time (eg. a year)

  perfidious treacheres, faithless

  perfidy treachery; breaking of faith

  perfunctory done as a duty withour care

  perjury wilful fasle statement, unlawful act

  pernicious harmful, injurious

  persevere keep on steadily, continue

  pertain belong as a part, have reference

  pest destructive thing or a person who is nuisance

  petulant unreasonably impatient

  pied of mixed colors

  pinch be too tight, take between the thumb and finger

  pious dutifull to parents; devoted to religion

  pique hirt the pride or self-respect, stir (curiosity)

  pitfall covered hole as a trap, unsuspected danger

  pith essential part, force, soft liquid substance

  placate soothe, pacify, calm

  plaque flat metal on a wall as a memorial

  plea request

  plead address a court of law as an advocate

  plethora glut

  pliant pliable, easile bent, shaped or twisted

  plod continue doing smth without resting

  pluck pull the feathers off, pick (eg. flowers)

  plummet fall, plunge, steeply

  plunge move quickly, suddenly and with force

  poise be ready, be balanced, self-possession

  ponderous heavy, bulky, dull

  posture state, attitude; adopt a vain

  poverty state of being poor

  precept moral instruction

  precipitate throw smth violently down from a height

  precursory peliminary, anticipating

  predilection special liking, mental preference

  preempt obtain by preemption or in advance

  premature doing or happening smth before the right time

  presage warning sign

  pristine primitive

  procrastination keeping on putting off

  prodigious enormous, wonderful

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